How many times can I expect to play?

With the reduced schedule for Session 2, each participant will play 3 times in masterclasses.

Will the classes be recorded?

Yes, classes will be recorded on Zoom, and the segment for each person will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder. You may share the link with others, too, if you choose.

Where can I practice?

Ha! (living room, kitchen, basement…)

Will there be a pianist?

Normally, yes, but not this year.

Do I have to attend all of the classes?

Much of the benefit of a workshop like this is to hear what all of the teachers have to say to other students. It is strongly recommended that you attend as much as possible, but attendance is not mandatory. During a class in which you are playing, you may leave class in advance of your time to warm up.

My parents want to come to listen, do they have to pay to get in?

Your parents may attend without additional charge. You may share the Zoom link with your parents, but please don’t share with others.

Do I get free strings and bow rehairs?

Uh… sorry, no.